Should learning stop?

February 5, 2021
Dear Parents,
This is an article I wrote when the lock down began.  I would like to share this as I feel you will get some value from it.  I hope you find value in it.
It is March 13. Everyone is asked to go home. Classes are cancelled. Suddenly, the government announces that the country is going to go on a total lock down.


My reaction …


Oh my, what is going to happen to my students?


Is their learning going to stop?


All of us were caught by surprise. We were not prepared for such a situation.


Schools and tutorial centers did not know what to do.


We had to find a way to find a way to continue schooling. Learning has to continue.




We teachers care. We are concerned of about students’ well-being. We know what is going to happen. New problems will arise. Besides, we miss our students.


So what did we do?


We explored what programs we could use. Some used google classroom while others used google sites. No face to face interaction.


But the beauty is we all did something to reach out to our students.


We learned from it. Next school year, we will do better.


What did I do?


I am currently have developed a tutorial program called S.M.A.R.T. Academic Hacks.  Why did I think of this name? I want my program to be fun and engaging.  So I thought, I will teach my students using Songs, Movement and Activities using a daily Routine to produce Top-students.  That is how I came up with the acronym.  Initially, I named it Your Tutor Cares because this is how I felt. I miss talking to the older students. I miss hugging the younger ones. They all are like my family. It is because of my love for them that I developed this tutorial program,


This program is for Nursery to Grade 6 students. My program concentrates on Math, Reading, Language and Writing. It is offered to the students at an affordable price. These classes are  conducted through zoom.


I have launched the program eight months ago.  I am very happy with the performance of my students.  Those who follow have really benefited from my program.


For those of you who are interested to know more about his, kindly pm me at Mala Chatani


My next article will be talking about “Are You Facing Challenges?”.


Your Tutor Cares,
Teacher Mala

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