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Who is Teacher Mala?

My Transformation from a Bullied Child to a Smart Kid (Teacher Mala)

I am an Indian, born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I am the youngest of three siblings.  My real name is Sujita but everyone calls me Mala.  Mala in the Indian language means a string of beads.  SInce, I was the youngest, and my siblings were 10 and 8 years older  respectively, I was very clingy to my parents.  My father felt Mala was the perfect name for me.

When I was born, my parents were not rich. my father had just started his trading business. We  lived in a small apartment along Singalong Street. We had a hand to mouth existence. We no extra money for tutoring and yet my parents were able to raise three children who were scholars.

Since I was the youngest, my sisters would play with each other and their friends. They would leave her alone. As a result, I became a very shy and quiet girl. I developed an inferiority complex. My self-esteem and self-confidence became shattered.

When my friends and classmates noticed this, they started calling me names, making nasty comments and bullying me. To deal with all this, I isolated myself.

When I turned seven,  my family relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia.  It made me very happy. I felt that the new environment would be good for me but there were some new challenges. Language was a very big barrier. I had to learn the Indonesian language.

In a way, the situation became better because her parents enrolled her in and Indian co-ed school. She was able to communicate with her classmates and made some very good friends. She is still in touch with them till today.

After 5 years, my father had to transfer to Singapore due to visa problems. This was a new and big adjustment for me. I was placed in a public school where all were Chinese students. I had difficulty in adjusting. Here, I got called names again. I reacted by over eating and gained so much weight that my male classmates started making fun of me. My grades started slipping. The school principal had to call the attention of my parents. My father was so worried. He knew that I was suffering emotionally. He decided to help me.

Every morning, my father and I would sit together and review the lessons of the previous day. He would explain everything to me if I did not understand. Gradually, my grades improved. At the end of the year, I received a scholarship from the school. I was given the “The Best Progressive Student” award of the year. I was able to maintain the award for the 4 years I studied in Singapore. My self-esteem and confidence improved. The name-calling and bullying stopped.

Again, after 4 years, the family needed to go back to Manila, Philippines. After having adjusted to the British system of education, I had to adjust to the American system of education. This time though I did not feel discouraged. I knew that I will be able to adjust so long as my father was willing to help me.

My parents enrolled me in Assumption College, Makati. I took up Economics. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Economics. I then worked for Landmark Corporation for 2 years as a Credit Clerk.  Here I developed my passion for computers  My father encouraged me to pursue a computer related degree.  I decided to take up Master of Computers in Information Management at the Ateneo Professional School. I transferred from Landmark to First Datacorp and worked as a Computer Programmer for six years.

One day, I received a call, while at work, saying that my mother had fractured her hip. I was forced to resign and chose to take took care of my mom. I also helped my father in the T-shirt business.

After seven years, I felt that I needed to grow professionally. I did not know what to do. I kept on praying to the Lord for guidance on I she should do and soon my prayers were answered  I was given the opportunity to apply for a job as a teacher.  I passed the interview with flying colors.  Now, fromMala, I became Teacher Mala.  This is how my teaching career began.

Teacher Mala worked as a Computer teacher in the main branch o f the school in Makati. In her second year, she took up the Teacher’s Certificate Course (TCP) at De La Salle University in Manila.

Teacher Mala wanted to teach English and Math. However, her boss did not permit her to do so. At that time, the school was a franchisee of and an educational method. This gave Teacher Mala the idea to look into the possibility of acquiring a franchise herself and and putting up an educational center.

After finishing her TCP and franchise training,, she opened an educational center in Pasong Tamo, Makati.  After 2 ½ years, she gave up her franchise and converted it into a tutorial center.

This is where she learned how to unleash and nurture a child's potential, where she gained  real experience in teaching and nurturing her students. As she taught her students, she was learning new things and applied it on herself. As her skills improved, she gradually regained her self-confidence and her self-esteem got boosted. She also discovered all the secrets about Raising Sraight A+ Students or Smart Kids.

In 2012, Teacher Mala wrote and published a book ,“Discipline Your Child”, under the pen name of Laxmi Mitra. This opened a new opportunity for her. In 2015, she was given the opportunity to be textbook writer for Glad Tidings Publishing. She wrote the Math Preschool Series (Nursery, Kindergarten and Prep Levels) under Math Applied for Zeal and Excellence.  She also wrote the Grade 4 level of the Math Applied for Zeal and Excellence (MAZE) Series.  

Right now, Teacher Mala teaches over 100+ students, including students with special needs. She is very passionate about raising smart kids.  Her tutorial center is known for its quality. She believes that every child is an achiever and no child is difficult to handle. “You just have to know how to unleash the child’s potential”, she says. Due to her life experiences, she is able to understand and feel how a child feels. Her vision is to “Make a difference is every child’s life”.

This is how Mala, a shy and quiet girl transformed into a smart and confident teacher, helping children to achieve things in life.

Now that I have shared my story with you, I also would like to share with you my other experiences.  Because of my success in unleashing my own potential, I find myself talking to other moms, with young or old children, reaching out to them and seeing how I can help them.  I am also active in many parenting groups and I share my thoughts or give advice so that I can be of some help. Many parents reply by expressing their gratefulness.

I am not an expert, but I have had 15 years of experience in handling children. I have worked with them very closely. I am an advocate of raising smart kids and nurturing children. I believe in unleashing every child’s potential.

When it comes to raising smart Kids or bringing out the best in your child, I can surely help you:

        -  train your child.
        -  develop your child’s study habits.
        -  limit your child’s gadget and television time.
        -  teach your child how to focus on one task and be excellent at it
        -  find ways to overcome discipline problems.

I can help you when you are feeling overwhelmed because I want you to know that you don't have to be alone in this journey. I am here and am willing to help.  I am open to a one-on-one consultation both offline and online. Some people might find it difficult to travel or may be all over the Philippines or may be with an infant (and a toddler).

Now I want you to do me a favor. Please help me by reading this book until the end.  You will learn many things from it.  If you feel you need my help, please feel free to reach out to me, and please share my book with parents who

Children who:

  • are watching at least two hours of television every day
  • are playing at least two hours of gadgets every day
  • cannot focus
  • are getting low grades in school

This book is a very good investment.  I also offer paid classes which will be worth your investment. I understand how difficult it is to watch your child struggle in school. It is best to help your child at the earliest possible time rather than wait until it is too late.

Remember, life is what you make it. Let us make life worth living Let us not get stuck in a problem. Every problem has a solution. Let me help you find solutions. Message me at [email protected] and allow me to help you find your solution.

I am Mala Chatani "Teacher Mala" and this is my story.

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