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How to Raise a S.,M.A.R.T. Kid in the Digital Age

I want to Discover the Three Secrets of Raising A S.M.A.R.T. Kid.

The S.M.A.R.T. KID Parenting Mentorship Program

I want to help parents who are ready to be  CONFIDENT in  DEVELOPING their Child's Daily Routine  as well as Study Habits and DESIRING to be a A FIRM and KIND parent,while building their child's confidence.

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I want my child to have fun and learn using  
Songs, Movement and Activities through a
          Routine to produce Top Students.

Who is Teacher Mala?

Teacher Mala began her teaching career in 2002 when she landed a job as a Computer teacher.  She graduated with a Masters Degree in Information Management from Ateneo Professional School.  However, she had no teaching experience.  In the beginning, she struggled but she realized that she was passionate about kids.  She enjoyed working with children.  Her passion made her pursue to take the Teachers Certificate Program (TCP) at the De La Salle University in Manila.

After finishing her TCP, she wanted to teach Math and English.  Her employer was not in favor of it.  She decided to invest in a franchise that allows her to teach Math and English as well as be her own boss.  In 2005, she opened an educational center in Pasong Tamo, Makati.  After 2 ½ years, she gave up her franchise and converted it into a tutorial center.

In 2012, Teacher Mala wrote and published a book ,“Discipline Your Child”, under the pen name of Laxmi Mitra. This opened a new opportunity for her. In 2015, she was given the opportunity to be textbook writer for Glad Tidings Publishing. She wrote the Math Preschool Series (Nursery, Kindergarten and Prep Levels) under Math Applied for Zeal and Excellence.  She also wrote the Grade 4 level of the Math Applied for Zeal and Excellence (MAZE) Series.  

Right now, Teacher Mala teaches over 100+ students, including students with special needs. She is very passionate about raising smart kids.  Her tutorial center is known for its quality. She believes that every child is an achiever and no child is difficult to handle. “You just have to know how to unleash the child’s potential”, she says. Due to her life experiences, she is able to understand and feel how a child feels. Her vision is to “Make a difference is every child’s life”.

To read the full story of Teacher Mala's transformation from a bullied child to a Smart Kidclick here

Why I wrote this book?

  • This is something that many parents need.
  • Teaches parents on how to handle the influence of technology in their child's life
  • Guides parents by giving them The Step By Step Procedure On How To Train their child from a very young age.  
  • Helps solve the problems parents are encountering with their children.  
  • I have has 15 years of experience.
  •  This is my calling in life.

How can Teacher Mala help you?

Teacher Mala helps Parents to Raise Smart Kids by guiding them through her Distance Learning Program called Your Tutor Cares.  

Teacher Mala:

Trains your child to get better grades in school.  Your child will learn  how to study and get good grades in school.

Develops your child's daily routine.  Teach your child how to create a schedule for everything and follow it.  There should be study time, play time and rest time.

Develops your child's daily routine.  Teach your child how to create a schedule for everything and follow it.  There should be study time, play time and rest time.

Teaches you how to limit gadget and television time.  Allow your child to use the gadget on weekends only and for a limited time.

Teaches you how to focus on a particular task.  Teach your child to concentrate when doing a task.  Focus will teach him to be excellent at the task.

Finds ways to overcome discipline challenges.  When there is a problem, there is a solution.  You just have to find the solution.

Teacher Mala's Qualifications


  • 15 years of experience in handling children.
  •  worked very closely with children. T
  • an advocate of raising smart kids and nurturing children.
  • believes in unleashing every child’s potential.  
  • can help you in this journey.    

Contact me at [email protected]. I will help you find your solution.

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