1. What is Ask Teacher Mala’s Parenting Solutions Program (ATM-PSP)?

The PARENTING SOLUTIONS PROGRAM (ATM-PSP) is the very first Parenting Program in the Philippines that shows you the roadmap of how parents should guide or train their children so that their children will be raised to be young achievers.


2.  Who is Teacher Mala?

Teacher Mala is a teacher, an author and entrepreneur by profession.  She is also the founder of the Parenting Solutions Program and www.askteachermala.comShe has had at least 15 years of teaching experience.  Currently, she runs a tutorial center.  She is an expert in Raising young achievers.  Children enrolled in her center transform into young achievers.   


 3.  Who needs ATM-PSP?

Today’s children definitely need ATM-PSP.  Today, in the computer age, parenting is very different.  ATM-PSP is a new way of parenting.  It helps you keep up with the current times.


4.  Is this only for young children?

No.  ATM-PSP can be for anyone.  Ideally, it is for young children.  Why? It is because it is easier to train young children.  However, if you are an adult and you want to become an achiever or  successful in life, then ATM-PSP is for you.


5.  Is ATM-PSP really important?

 It depends.  If you are happy with your child’s performance, then there is no need.  However, if you feel that your child can do better, then ATM-PSP is for you.  ATM-PSP basically unleashes the potential of the individual.


 6.  When can I start applying it?

You can begin by downloading the Young Achiever’s Checklist.  Answer the checklist and you will know where your child needs training on.  You can purchase the first book to understand the process your child has to go through.


 7.  How long will it take to be effective?

It depends on how firm you are in implementing the routine.  The firmer you are, the faster and more beneficial it will be for you.  How effective the program will be is dependent on how you implement your routine at home.


8.  Can I do this alone?

It will be better it you, your child , the tutor (if there is one) and the teacher will work hand in hand.  I will always be here to mentor you or guide you.  All you have to do is email me.


9.  Why are there so many books?

You will need resources. All these books are necessary to raise your child as an achiever.  Teacher Mala decided to tackle everything so that the parents will not have a difficult time.


10.  Do I have to buy all these books?

No.  There are only 4 books which are very important.  They are: Secrets of Raising a Young Achiever, 3 Easy Steps in Developing Your Child’s Study Habits, 5 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Child and 5 Easy Ways to Develop a Conducive environment at home.  The rest will depend on your need.


11.  What happens if I want something clarified or I have a question?

If you have any question or want anything to be clarified, you can always email me at [email protected]. And I will answer you.  I normally check my email at night.  You will receive a reply within 24 to 48 hours.