Are you facing challenges?

Since it is Quarantine time and schools are on- going, you as a parent, have no choice but to work hand in hand with the parent. The teacher, also, has to adjust and see what they can do to make learning continue.
Both parents and teachers face challenges.
First, let us talk about the challenges parents are facing.
One parent asked me, “How can I make my child sit down and study?”
This was my answer to her,
“Parents, I know that this is a struggle for you. It is not easy to make your child study in a comfortable environment like home. Home is a place where they like to do whatever they want.”
Then, she asked me, “How can I create a routine for my child and follow it consistently?
I told her that, from experience, this is a very big challenge. Most kids get away with this. They come up with different excuses or put up a tantrum and get away with it.
Then, she asks, “How do I minimize the use of gadgets or television?”
I told her that she must understand on weekends, children stay home. They know they are allowed to use the gadgets. Because of this quarantine, the children have to stay home.
Does this mean they can use their gadgets or watch television anytime?
Definitely NO. Explain to your child what is happening and what will happen. Tell your child your will need his or her cooperation.
When you communicate with your child in a way he or she understands, your will be surprised so to how cooperative they become. Your child needs to understand that you are the teacher at home. They need to listen to you.
Now, let us talk about the challenges teachers are facing.
Have you ever thought?
If I am facing challenges with my child, what about the teacher of my child? How is she able to handle 20 children in a classroom?
The greatest challenge for teachers right now is for the students’ learning to continue.
Not only that
Learning has to be effective.
The teacher s’ job security is threatened. If they cannot perform, they might lose their jobs.
This is why the teachers tell us this is the “NEW NORMAL”.


Talk to you soon,
Your Tutor cares,
Teacher Mala

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